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Factory Addr.: New and High-tech Zone, Anshan City, Liaoning Province, China
Sales Office Addr.:Room 1631, Block A, Liwan Building, Qianhai Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China
Part Number PackageStyle DataRate Reach WavelengthNo. Connector Download
10G SFP+ CWDM 40km SFP+ 10G 40km CWDM LC
10G SFP+ CWDM 20km SFP+ 10G 20km CWDM LC
10G SFP+ CWDM 10km SFP+ 10G 10km CWDM LC
10G SFP+ BIDI 60km SFP+ 10G 60km 1270nm/1330nm LC
10G SFP+ BIDI 40km SFP+ 10G 40km 1270nm/1330nm LC
10G BIDI 10km SFP+ 10G 10km 1270nm/1330nm LC
TTP-10G-ZR SFP+ with DDM 10Gb/s 80KM 1550nm LC
TTP-10G-LRM SFP+ with DDM 10Gb/s 2KM 1310nm LC
TTP-10G-ER SFP+ with DDM 10Gb/s 40KM 1550nm LC
10G SFP+-LR SFP+ with DDM 10Gb/s 10KM 1310nm LC
TTP-10G-SR SFP+ with DDM 10Gb/s 300m 850nm LC
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